The International School of Hospitality Management & Tourism Vate

The International School of Hospitality Management & Tourism Vate
Descripción de la empresa: 
  • In Vatel, International education is based on specific elements:


    • Students and teachers from 50 nationalities
    • Programs taught in several languages ​​by country: French, English, Spanish, Russian, ArabicExchange of students and teachers in the context of Marco Polo
    • Internships abroad, mandatory and selected by Vatel
    • International network of graduates who encourages geographic mobility of students
    • Annual International bringing together all Vatel school principals to define new axes group teaching
    • Virtual Library, Cyberlibris, shared by 6,000 students worldwide Vatel
    • Intranet network for daily exchanges ...
    • International competencies among all Vatel school students: the Vatel Concept Awards and the Vatel International Business Game
  • Teaching content focused on the management, who develop the personal and professional qualities

  • The core values ​​shared by the students and the learning environment: solidarity, responsibility, respect, kindness, generosity ...

  • Interchange A program that allows students to complete an academic year at another school in the world Vatel

  • A preselected service establishments internships in countries with high tourism potential

  • Varied and frequent contacts between the school and the large hotel groups

  • A network of 20,000 Vatelians with where our students can count

  • A payment system clear and transparent studies