Personalized academic Internships

Birita Lava Olsen, student from the Copenhagen Business School

Birita Lava Olsen, student from the Copenhagen Business School will be doing her internship period in Ecuador, at the beautiful hotel Hacienda Manteles All the team at LGI hopes she has an incredible and unique lifetime experience! 

Here's the full interview we made with Birita prior to her departure to Ecuador:

- How’s been your experience with LGI so far? 

I have been very impressed with the assistance I have received and the opportunities presented to me while working with LGI, I would certainly recommend any friend of mine to work with LGI given the chance. 
- Do you have a dream job?

I would love to one day own and manage a medium sized hotel or similar near a warm beach.With this internship, I hope to contribute my knowledge, experience and positive personality to the hotel. I also expect to have the opportunity to gain new skills in the hospitality sector, and to gain new perspective and ideas during my time in Ecuador.

- Birita, was there a specific subject during your degree that you found more interesting, something that you would perhaps like to pursue?

I have always been intrigued with South America, Ecuador being one of my favorites. Ever since I first saw photos and read about the Galapagos Islands, my fascination with Ecuador has grown, when I saw the opportunity for an internship in this beautiful country, I knew I had found the internship for me!

- What are your expectations for your internship?

An academic internship abroad is a great learning tool; I believe it is important to gain a global perspective in any profession, especially one as international as hospitality! Being able to empathize and relate with other cultures and to have an open mind when encountering new cultures is critical to being successful in the increasingly global community we live in.