Personalized academic Internships

Catalina Arce (Internship in Punta Cana)

How was your internship experience?

I would say my experience was positive, as in any journey you always come across obstacles, for me it was the change of food and being in such a touristy spot also meant that it was more expensive (being an intern without a salary) but other than that it was the people and places that made my stay and if I could go back in time I would definitely choose the same country. I wanted to visit the capital and perhaps other cities, but for various reasons I was unable to, so I hope I can go back as a "traveller" and experience more.

Can you tell us some of your favourite moments?

Well, in the second month of my stay, the second intern arrived at the hotel, as it was a new establishment which was just opening its doors. I was able to meet a person in the same situation as me; we learned to live and work together despite cultural differences and language barriers. I think it was with her and working in the events  department of the hotel, where I had my most joyful moments. It must be considered when going to another country to do an internship that you have to share rooms with other people and sometimes they are people with a totally different culture. Being in this field of tourism / food / hospitality etc, you have to learn besides being patient, to be tolerant and share your space with someone else, not always getting what you expected, so you have to be prepared. I was lucky that I shared my space with a truly amazing person who made my internship a happy and pleasant experience.

How have you benefited professionally and personally from your internship?

I got to know a different world to which I was accustomed to, with a mixture of culture which was exactly what I wanted, I could go through the different departments that I wanted to besides being an assistant to one of the managers of the hotel. I could freely learn the administration a 5 star hotel - or rather two - as I was working with Memories where I was also trained. Professionally and personally I think it was a necessary and productive process for me which will benefit me in the future.

How was your experience with Let's Go Internship during your internship?

I am very grateful to those who were with me from the beginning to the end; they were very attentive so I was really happy with them.

Was there anything you would have done differently?

Not really, things happen for a reason, so I prefer to leave it as it is.

Has your internship experience inspired you to continue with your career in hospitality / tourism?

Yes, I am inspired to keep learning more languages, something I have always wanted, but it was on the trip where I saw the great need for it, so I intend to work of course, but keep studying. As I now have good English, I'm studying Japanese at a college while working and I will soon add French.

Would you recommend LGI to your university or to your friends?

I would definitely recommend LGI, of course!

Is The Dominican Republic an interesting country to do an internship?

As I said above, it is a very touristy place, where you will encounter wonderful and beautiful beaches and parks with amazing lagoons. If you are a person who likes the heat, humidity, animals, and you are ready to fight with their tedious mosquitoes (because it is true, it is full of them and in fact it was one of my problems!) but everything else was worth it, so yes, it is an interesting place to experience an internship with a multicultural environment.

Did you feel safe and comfortable in your hotel?

I felt very safe in the hotel, with my fellow employees and with the customers, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it.v