Personalized academic Internships

Srta.Birita Lava Olsen - Copenhagen Business School
From the moment I contacted LGI, the representatives of LGI have been very very helpful. David has been so kind to answer all of my questions, and I have never waited for a response from him.
After it was determined that I would go to Ecuador, Andres has taken over, and I have been in great hands. Andres and his family have given me such a warm welcome, and I feel like I'm with family.
As for the internship itself, not only am I learning what I came here to learn, I am also learning the language very quickly and it is very interesting to learn about the cultural differences. At the Hacienda, I am being treated like a very important guest, and the staff are so kind and they make sure I feel at home.
All in all, I could not have asked for better treatment and I would like to thank all of you for the perfect experience."

Birita Lava Olsen - Copenhagen Business School 
Internship at Hacienda Manteles Ecuador