Personalized academic Internships

Company Philosophy


Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the knowledge acquired through experience of the businesses current needs; therefore, we are able to provide you with all the necessary academic and professional tools to achieve excellency and comprehensive training of staff.

Our team consists of professionals from different areas with an extensive experience in the workplace and academic education, committed to our business philosophy. 

We believe the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to continually learn and implement new ideas.  

In the field of academic internships it is especially important to follow up each of our participants’ work, in order to enhance their skills and correct any possible mistakes.   We believe the success of any organization is primary determined by the performance of their staff.

Spanish Courses/ 西班牙文課程

Are you a business executive looking for a tailor made course? Or perhaps you are a student studying for a specific exam and are looking for a course to prepare you. At Let´s Go Internship    we have the experience to create a tailor made course for you that is adapted to your needs and wishes

Our Professional Spanish courses are generally available as one-to-one training only and prepare students for the special requirements of professional life. Field-specific vocabulary, precise formulation and fluency in speech are the main goals of these courses.

Total Quality Management

Services and Corporate Vision

Lets Go Internship has designed each of their programs according to your business needs. These training programs have been designed for all levels of an organization, and may be taught at your facility. 

Seminars, workshops and consulting services are focused on training every area of your organization, helping to improve the quality of service in the pursuit of excellence, maintain the loyalty of your current customers and conquer new ones. 

Our offer is mainly based on our international business management experience, in countries such as: England, Venezuela, Panama, Spain and Costa Rica. 

We help our customers to achieve their goals by improving their management skills, through the precise application of our training. 

We have a corporate vision consisting in the design, development and proposal of competitive solutions, helping to ensure the success, strategic position and leadership of our clients in the global market.

Lets Go Intership welcomes you to participate in any of our internship programs, seminars, workshops or consulting services. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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