Personalized academic Internships


Lets Go Internship gives you the opportunity to do your academic internship in any of our international destinations. However, we make available two different options for you:

Firstly, we offer our traditional 4 month internships in hotels or other tourism companies in any of our destinations.

Secondly, we offer you our new academic programs in Spain and Argentina, where you will obtain an official degree from a recognized institution whilst building working experience through different internship periods.

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Lets Go Internship offers a wide array of seminars and workshops conducted by experts with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields.

These seminars and workshops will help the participants develop three vital skills for their professional careers: - Expand or obtain new knowledge about topics related to their working area. - Critical thinking, analysis and discussion of the topics covered by the seminars or workshops. - Formulation and implementation of strategies and other practicalities. The seminars and workshops are designed to be conducted in one day, normally having a duration of 7 hours (seminars) and 3.5 hours (workshops). However, in particular cases we suggest to include an extra day in order to conduct practical exercises and role plays. Our strength is our human capital, as we have gathered a group of professionals with impressive academic credentials and a great deal of experience in their field of expertise.